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Hiryu Restaurant @ Tras Street

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I have my favourite Omakase restaurant and every now and then, I veer off course to venture and check out new places - so Hiryu is one of those. A gf was keen and I was curious enough about their truffle dons to head for the Satsuki ($188) set

 Chef Raymond was quick to quip we could do omakase in an hour, anytime just to suit the customer. So well, at $188, I had it under an hour. Here's the chowdown. 

Ankimo to start and these were a-okay, melty in a really tart dressing.

Baby Shrimp dressed in gold oil, caviar and what looks like chrysanthemum flower petals. I've always enjoyed baby shrimp, sweet and crunchy. 

Truffle Toro did not hit the spots for me even with truffle shavings and truffle bits. Maybe the toro itself was not as melt in the mouth as desired. 

Miyasaki beef with egg however spoke a different story, droolicious kind of tender with a blanket of egg wash. Unfortunately prior to this, I've had one too many awsome possome noharayakis that this was lacking wow. 

Sea bream

Flounder with yuzu

Seeing double? Only with different fish. 

Aburi amaebi with prawn roe was an interesting combo where the prawn was lukewarm at best, crunchy and the topping tasted like peanut butter and sesame seeds. 

Bafun uni from hokkaido I can never say no to simply because it's uni. 

Toro toro with caviar is Chef's attempt at serving two types of tuna in one sushi, I thought it was creative and distracting. Should the negitoro be the star or toro? 

Another creative sushi with foie gras and uni. 

Signature Donburi was the reason why I picked the more expensive lunch menu because ordering this ala carte would set me back by $75 and the top up was $60. 

Anyway I see repeats from the omakase in this box. Foie gras chunks, beef, garlic chips, truffle, ikura and uni. Petite in portion, unlike what the pictures say. Delicious but I'm not sure if this is worth the price tag, even with A5 Wagyu. 

Miso soup. 

Raindrop cake is almost passe but I'm not complaining, I was half expecting sorbet. Yuzu raindrop cake topped with kinako powder and served with brown sugar sauce. A sweet finish to my chop chop curry pok omakase. 

Here's this, the meal went by quickly, Chef kept to the promised time limit. I'm just not sure if I enjoyed it enough for the price tag. The ingredients used were good, just not the freshest I've had. The sushi rice fell apart for some courses, fish was under seasoned for some and was probably underwhelming because it is lunch but #sorrynotsorry, dinner is not on the cards. 

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