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CNY 2020: WanHao Restaurant @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

~Invited Session~

Wan Hao, one of Singapore's leading Chinese Restaurants has alot to offer this Chinese New Year. From takeaways, ala carte orders to set menu, there is something for everyone.


Lobster, Alaskan Crab, Scallop, Salmon, Caviar and Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng with White Peach Sauce and Passion Fruit Pearls





Lobster yusheng kickstarts the celebrations and the starts the night on a high note. The lobster, crab, scallops and salmon combo made the salad suitable for carnivores. Go easy on the white peach sauce as the passionfruit pearls give this a surge of sugar.


HUAT a mess.


Fish skin always gives this a lovely crunch and I reached for so many portions!


Bird's Nest Dumpling with Crab Roe Superior Soup



The cholesterol tussle between luxurious bird's nest and indulgent crab roe is real and when both are presented in a single broth, every slurp was precious and so delightful.


Wan Hao Imperial Pot of Prosperity with Australian 3 Head Abalone, Drunken Chicken and Crispy Dried Oyster


Singapore's most expensive pencai priced at $1088 for 10, this is one indulgent pot that is a hot favourite during the festive season. Families order this with rice and I'd say truly would be more worth while than sitting through a mundane 8 course.


The copious amount of ingredients that went into simmering are top notch and my perennial favourite's their signature crispy dried oysters that give both the crunch and umami in this melting pot of flavours.


Wok-fried Boston Lobster with Caviar, Egg White, Fresh Milk and Broccoli

Tuck into more succulent lobster with fluffy egg whites. This reminded me of a very luxed up version of egg whites and broccoli.


Pork Ribs with White Peach Honey Sauce

One of the dishes created with children in mind, this sweet number is bound to please.


Hot Teochew Yam Paste with Carrageen and Coconut Milk

Orh nee is my major weakness and their version did not disappoint.

We had a good showcase of what there is in the set menus and I do have my favourites. Which ones tempt?

Wan Hao Restaurant
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

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