CNY 2020: Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental

~Invited Session~

Back at Cherry Garden to check out their CNY menu, they're known to luxe up and size up dishes just for this festive season. We began the meal on a different note this year - mocktails!


Mocktails courtesy of MO Bar, this pairing ain't that bad! Refreshing and sweet, just what I need instead of chinese tea.


Luxurious Pen Cai
Whole head abalone, lobster, scallop, king prawn, sea cucumber, dried oyster roll, conpoy, dace fillet, black moss, chinese mushroom, tientsin cabbage, yam roasted pork belly, roasted duck, chicken and wolfberries


Every year Cherry Garden wows with the sheer size of their pen cai course and this year is no different. The basins are usually large enough to feed 6 or even 10 comfortably. One gets a whole balanced meal and more, I got lost in the whole universe of sea creatures and actually relished the broccoli and cabbage towards the end, sometimes the most humble ingredients are the most comforting. Great with rice, and may I caution against over ordering if pen cai is on your agenda.


Salmon Yusheng
Alaskan crabmeat and black truffle




Truffle makes this yusheng tick, the earthy fragrance that greets with each toss made for good luck. Smoked salmon and crabmeat actually works - instead of the usual toppings.


Stir Fried Green Vegetables
Mushrooms and black garlic

Five Grain Fried Rice with Sakura Dried Shrimp
Cantonese pork sausage and vegetables

Both dishes riding on the wave of auspicious had plenty of good luck associated with the choice of ingredients. They can be complemented with Cherry Garden's signature XO sauce.

Set menus start at $198++ for 2.