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Root's Mediterranean Bar @ Greenwood Avenue

~Invited Session~


Root's Mediterranean Bar replaces Dibba Carneka Italian and offers a selection of Spanish, Greek and Italian dishes. Talk about diversification and for a Saturday evening, this was filled with diners.


We started with a bread basket and as usual, I over stuff myself at this point. The sundried tomato foccacia made me reach for seconds, as with their bread sticks. So delicious!



Tzatziki ($8)
Greek dip, yogurt, cucumber, garlic, evoo

Tirokafteri ($10)
Spicy cheesy spread with yogurt feta cheese and chilli

Melinzano Salata ($8)
Roasted eggplant dip, lemon, evoo, parsley

Hummus ($8)
Chickpea cream with sesame paste, lemon and evoo

A medley of Greek appetisers to kickstart the feast and I was already sold at this point. I love my dips and the Tirokafteri stood out for its mouthwatering spiciness. Once again, I overloaded with more carbs, those pillowy soft and toasty foccacia slices are irresistible.


Spanako Tiropita ($8)
Crispy phyllo dough pie with spinach and feta cheese

The last I had this was probably in Athens and their version was a decent version, I can definitely do with more stuffing.


I forgot the name of this cheesy potato hotplate, absolutely heavenly!


Cheese pull!


Croquettas De Jamon Y Queso ($8)
Breaded ham and cheese croquettes

More ordinary than it actually sounds. The dip paled in comparison to the medley served as appetisers though.


Gambas Ajillo ($15)
Saute prawns with smoked paprika, fried garlic and parsley

Feels almost spanish seeing prawns on the menu, none too memorable however.


Burrata E "Datterini" ($24)
Burrata, cherry tomatoes, capers, olives

Burrata is a major weakness and this was a dream come true with its creaminess.


Prawns ($18)
Tomato sauce, prawns, confit cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, spicy cocktail sauce

It's pizza time! Roots offers them round and in rectangles. A number of flavours were selected for us to form a metre and it's great for sharing.



Salsiccia ($18)
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pork sausage, grilled peppers

Burrata and Parma ($18)
Confit cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese, parma ham, evoo, fresh basil

Truffle and Burrata ($18)
Burrata cheese, truffle cream, parmesan shavings, evoo

Once again sold on the pizza base, more carbs a loving. The toppings are the icing on the cake - what can really go wrong with tomato paste and cheese?

They have a range of fresh pasta that can be customised with different sauces - butter and sage, tomato and basil, prawn or parmesan cream.


Tortelli Crab Lobster ($24)
Stuffed with crab and lobster meat


Lunette Truffle ($24)
Cheese and black truffle 



Spaghetti Carbonara ($20)
Crispy bacon, egg yolk, pecorino cheese, black pepper


Done the classic way without cream, the pecorino cheese does give this a slight overkill but I'm the ultimate cheese fan so I am loving that pungent cheese fragrance. Ah, the irony. Al dente oodles made perfect with bacon.


Paidakia ($35)
Greek style grilled lamb chop, marinated with oregano, garlic and lemon

Albeit well done, it was overshadowed by the other dishes. My preference for mains: Pasta and Pizza over Meats.




Root's will be launching a dessert platter soon and we had a try of their dessert miniatures! Perfect for those who want their cake and eat it, yet not have to expense that many calories. On my plate includes Tiramisu, frozen pistachio profiterole and mini fruit tarts which made me one happy camper.


Root's officially debunks the myth - jack of all trades because they do each cuisine really fine! I left really impressed and returns soon! Now...if only the parking was friendlier on weekends.

Root's Mediterranean
2 Greenwood Ave

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