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Sikdang @ Tanjong Pagar

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~Invited Session~


Sikdang literally means "restaurant" in Korean and it joins the whole row of Korean eateries in Tanjong Pagar. The vibes for this place is different from the rest, it's casual and there is no BBQ smog! All cooking is done in the kitchen and the food is served ready to consume. 


Banchan is typically the highlight of my korean meals because I get my fill of greens and it is always interesting to see how varied these little dishes can get. Those at Sikdang are an assortment of kimchi (infact more than 2 types!), bean sprouts as well as beancurd. I love how the kimchis are not limiting to just cabbage and they all taste so refreshing.


Instead of anchovies or potato salad, we get a generous slab of tofu! 


Grilled Pork Belly served with a spring onion relish, chillies, garlic and lettuce! The koreans love their greens with a mighty vengeance and these lettuce wraps are my vegetable weakness next to popiahs. 


The grilled pork belly can be enjoyed as it is or draped with all the condiments. I enjoyed the spring onion relish so much, this would do as a banchan too! 


Spicy Chicken with Cheese ($24)


Say cheese! Melty cheese with chicken bulgogi fits the bill for yummy. I never thought this combination would work and in all its sauciness, it did. 



Kimchi Pancake (S$15) comes in a really generous portion - it definitely can feed 2 more than sufficiently. 


Heaps of ingredients get fried with the pancake, every mouthful's ratio of pancake to seafood is clearly imbalanced but I am not complaining. 


Army Stew (S$29) comes in such big portions, we were clearly outnumbered by the portions of food. 


Instant noodles in the pot of sausages, rice cakes, tofu, kimchi, vegetables and spam. Great wet weather food, this is comfort food at its best and I wish we had a go at their signature liver stew! That dish is not commonly seen on menus.

This tasting was done back in July and by now I believe they have already launched their lunch specials! So do pay them a visit for a value for money hearty lunch!

28 Tanjong Pagar Road

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