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Mid Autumn 2019: Jiang Nan Chun

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Michelin-starred Jiang Nan Chun celebrates Mid-Autumn with a selection of baked and snowskin mooncakes. Nested in a lush botanical inspired gift box, the teal colour is eye catching and those little drawers make for an awesome keepsake post Mid-Autumn!


Oh hi there, thousand calorie sweet treat.


Baked mooncakes are their signatures and this year's baked selection sees a revival of the evergreen Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed, Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, and Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk while also featuring returning signature Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime. 





Each baked skin mooncake is made using top quality ingredients including premium silver lotus. 
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk SGD 80
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk SGD 78
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed SGD 78
  • Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts SGD 78
  • Four Seasons Medley SGD 82


The Four Seasons Medley showcases one of each flavour and is perfect for finicky eaters who want a taste of everything - sounds like me!


This Smoked Duck with Assorted nuts is inspired by Jiang-Nan Chun’s signature Peking duck, prepared in a mesquite wood-fire oven. Infact, I've long heard of their famous assorted nuts mooncake and for those who love assorted nuts, this is a must try. I love the smoked duck in this which balances out the nuttiness and it is hardly as sweet as most assorted nuts mooncakes out there. 


My Grandma used to use that mooncakes with just the lotus paste are the most value for money since the other stuffing's are probably not worth what they claim. I cannot help but love this evergreen classic all over again, so smooth and delicious.


Are you a salted egg yolk fan? Single or double?

We're down to the last few days before Mid Autumn arrives and it will be yet another year till I get to eat these sinful treats.

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