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Ten Butter Fingrrs Bakes

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I decided to get cakes from Jenny of Ten Butter Fingrrs again this year for the kids' celebrations. The firstborn's birthday cake was all about going Young, Wild and Three. I really wanted an Ostheimer cake so with that theme in mind, I matched her tree trunk design with a wooden unicorn.


Pity this unicorn took a fall before we could even cut the cake hence staining her butt - argh! I love how the tree trunk and toy came together so beautifully, thank goodness for pinterest for always coming to my rescue.


A kid's friendly version of blackforest so the threenager could have his cake and eat it. Jenny's sponge cake recipe is always on point, fluffy and moist and lathered with luscious cream and those juicy cherries. I'm hardly a blackforest fan mainly because the layers always end up too wet but this version held up so well - delicious.


Another beauty for the princess for her first month and I actually fell in love with the balloons first before leaving it to Jenny to conceptualise the rest.


Her version was Jenny's signature strawberry shortcake. Another wonderful creation that never fails to win the family over.

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