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Legitliciouz Kueh Lapis

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I love my kueh lapis but finding a legitimate one is the challenge. So far Bengawan Solo's has been consistent yet the price has not been. Batam ones I heard are really good yet those that stud the island have been meh - I was thrilled to receive one recommended by a fellow foodie.


As dubious as the name sounds, it definitely tastes otherwise. A buttery fragrance greeted as I lifted the cardboard cover on this. The uneven layers for one were telling of the laborious work that goes behind each cake.

One bite and I reckon this has enough eggs and butter packed into it to send my health readings array, assuming I ate nothing but this. So good I tried tracking them down via Facebook and Instagram to find out more yet they do remain very elusive. No luck ordering a second but this was amazing while it lasted. Very moist, not sweet and leaves a pleasant eggy aftertaste.

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