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Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant @ Jalan Besar

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Hand in Hand came up as one of the top recommendations when I was searching for a good Xiao Long Bao place and prices were definitely friendlier than Din Tai Feng.


Fried French Beans with Minced Pork ($10.80)

A tad oily but packed enough wok hei.


Egg White with Scallop and Fish Meat in Broccoli ($15.80)

Highly recommended but I'm not sure what I make of the scallop and fish meat combination that tasted more like beancurd.


Xiao Long Bao ($7.80)

As good as DTF's without the 18 folds, yet equally delicate in workmanship. Tasty morsels and for this price point, I'm actually loving their version more.


Deep Fried Pork Chop with Salted Pepper ($15.80)

I found this average and on the pricey side since these had a porky after taste too.


Fried Dumplings with Leek and Shrimp ($7.80)

Resembling Japanese gyozas, these crispy dumplings are really delicious. The thin skin enveloping a flavourful blob of shrimp and leek.


Fried Leek Dumplings with 3 Delicacies ($7.80)

Moving on to even more dumplings, this has shrimp, pork and leeks in a chinese pizza. Strangely, after eating so many types of dumplings, this still tastes so good without any sign of dumpling fatigue.


Beijing Pork Pancake ($6.80)

We clearly overdosed on dough this visit, even taking on these pan fried pork buns. These come with a reasonably thick batter encasing a meat patty and soaking in juice. Be careful of the scalding juices though, these are so well done one cannot tell that there's even soup locked within.


Sauteed Diced Chicken with Chilli, Pepper, Sichuan Style ($13.80)

Chinese fried chicken has always been top of my favourite fried things to eat and they do it so well. These fried nibblets come with a mounth watering spice too, perfected with the right crisp.


Sichuan Style Dan Dan Noodles ($5.80)


Slurpworthy handmade noodles in a sticky sauce. A simple put together in this bowl of goodness.


Complimentary fruits to end off our meal.

Pocket friendly prices and large portions to boot. You'd not go wrong if you stick with their signatures - at least the dumplings are worth the calories!

Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant
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