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Bar Cicheti @ Jiak Chuan Road

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 Much has been said about Bar Cicheti that is also under the same group as Fynn's, and everytime a restaurant opens I watch and wait for reviews. This particular opening garnered a fair bit of attention and got its stamp of approval - and I was equally curious.


Dinner reservations made for a Monday night, it was reasonably filled though not boisterous and I already fell in love with the ambience, jazz tunes all night and we were left with one gap to fill - the food.


 Two bread bites and a saucer of olive oil and vinaigrette made us both very happy.


Buratina ($25)
Greek olive oil, sea salt, burnt onion jam, grilled sour dough


Something about burrata that I cannot resist and this was such a lovely creamy one, I'd be glad to sell my soul for cheese alone. More bread continued in this course and the burnt onion jam was the perfect complement.


Braised beef tongue ($18)
Tuna salsa, onion marmalade

I've had so many beef tongue dishes, this was least like beef tongue. More of a braised beef course actually with a tantalising tuna salsa sauce.


Taglierini ($28)
Housemade tomato sauce, basil, chilli padi, stracciatella  


Sold on stracciatella first then the pasta, anything burrata gets me weak actually. The noodles are not my preferred choice - less than al dente skinny pasta noodles and on alot of grounds I would have just turned my nose up at this but, the heavenly but, this is a game changer. The sorcery of stracciatella, tomato sauce and pasta had fireworks in this plate. How did tomato sauce taste so good? Beats me but it was so comforting, so slurpworthy, so delicious. The only pity? The chilli padis can barely be tasted.


Paccheri ($28)
Slow braised spanish octopus, anchovies, capers, housemade tomato sauce, toasted bread crumbs

I had my reservations about two tomato based pasta dishes but never say never, aye? Same, same yet so different. These paccheri pasta rolls were really chewy and hardly needed any further enhancement beyond the octopus cubes and bread crumbs.


Spaghetti Vongole ($32)
Burnt leeks, peperoncino, parsley, garlic chips

We had another off their specials menu and vongole it is! Classic italian with amazingly juicy clams and those noodles! Just the right bite and Bar Cicheti certainly did right.


Cannoli ($14)
Marsala ricotta, candied citrus, cranberries, chocolate chips, chopped israeli pistachios

Room for dessert is a must and these cannolis are crisp with bursts of citrus and spells sunshine in every bite. I am not a cannoli fan yet these, definitely made dessert a must have course too.

Clearly we are won over by Bar Cicheti and a revisit is most definitely on our cards.

Bar Cicheti
10 Jiak Chuan Road

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