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SAMA Curry and Cafe @ OUE Downtown

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SAMA Curry hails from Hokkaido and unlike the other Japanese curry restaurants, their version is watery and spice levels range from 1-30. I went for level 30 of course and had to top up a dollar to satisfy that curiosity.

Cheesy Chick ($17.90)

Looking all red, fierce and sports a thicker consistency than those with lower levels of spiciness. I was barely sweating even after slurping the full bowl of soup - neither is it tongue numbing. It's pleasant and cheese with cabbage does add a delicious twist to this bowl of curry. I expected more from the fried chicken cutlet however, and it disappointed with a barely crisp chicken skin (imagine boiled then fried) and the layer of fats. The vegetables were really good too - if there's a next visit, I'd top up for more of these vegetables!

Level 30 versus level 10, the colour and the consistency of the gravy is telling though really, the in between levels are child's play. And I wonder, what for?

On a separate note, the hamburg steaks are pretty decent! No fillers just good old hamburger meat.

Somehow Coco Ichibanya ranks tops for me and Japanese Curry, SAMA comes a close second.

SAMA Curry and Cafe
OUE Downtown

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