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One Ninety @ Four Seasons Singapore

~Invited Session~

One Ninety unveils a new Chef and also Provencale menu this season to tempt diners with a series of new dishes alongside their semi buffet over weekday night dinners. Just two lines worth and there was so much to eat!


Cheese anyone? I have a massive soft spot for cheese, fruit and nut platters.


Clearly I forgot what cheese this is, but mighty mighty delicious. It's pungent, so intense and leaves a lingering fragrance.


Ah, desserts. These blackberry tartlets were so good, I probably swiped more than I should have.


Sugar dusted financiers.


One of those frosted cakes that probably was too intimidating for diners to attempt. This was mostly left untouched.


I can never say no to freshly baked bread, much less one that comes with cheese, herb oil and pickles.


This battle of carbs is always a lose lose one for me because as usual and as predicted I consumed way more than I should at this juncture over crusty bread.


Seasonal Seafood Tower 
Maine Lobster, King Crab, Mussels, Spammer Crab, Scallops, Prawns, Tuna

The theatrics included dry ice but the real deal starts when the seafood feast commences. Layers of seafood on a bed of ice, I found the second layer the most satisfying with all the heavyweights under a canopy of seaweed. Great eaten on its own or dunked in the sauces they provided.


Avocado Salad, Mixed Baby Cresses, Miso Dressing

The beauty of avocadoes is catching the perfect time to slice it open and then discovering it is much too raw or over ripened - and these were beautifully ripe, super creamy and perfectly green. I enjoyed this simple toss up tremendously with all the light flavours.

DSC_3153 DSC_3155
Lobster and Prawn Toast, Spicy Tobiko

I've eaten prawn toasts before and this crisp delight is several notches more satisfying with lobster salad sealed in the toast. Loved the flavours and the textures, arguably the best of the appetizers we've had.

Beef and Caviar, Dijon Emulsion

Beef tartare on toast, this is as simple as it gets.


Chargrilled Forty Day Aged Rib Chop, MBS 6+, 1.2kg
Tarragon Emulsion, Bordelaise, Peppercorn Sauce


This heavyweight arrived last and we were looking forward most to this actually. Medium doneness for this gorgeously aged slab of meat. I love my meats aged because the flavour profile is heightened with this process - more tender, richer in taste and definitely beefier. Great for sharing,


Wok Fried Asian Greens, Garlic Chips, Black Truffle Fries, Wild Mushrooms, Sweet Soy Glaze all made the stomach sing but fries and steak never ever goes wrong.


Snapper Bouillabaisse, Spicy Daikon, Lemon Grass

Expect bold flavours in this pot of melting flavours characteristic of Provencale cuisine. Hearty and very comforting,

Iberico Pork Presa, Star Anise, Pineapple Chutney, Celeriac Puree


 The celeriac puree has a surprise stored within and I found more pork in it! Pulled pork flavoured excellently and medium rare iberico pork presa, various textures were presented.

Menu is now available at One Ninety over lunch, dinner and also Sunday brunch buffet.

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