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Private Dining: Nonya Bong is King of Peranakan

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Nonya Bong was first thrown into limelight when S F Seetoh did a visit and since then, they have not looked back. Eat until pain is a mantra Chef Jeffrey has held dear to and eat till peng I hoped when we embarked on this private dining adventure at Nonya Bong's.


Recipes are collected since his grandparents' days and what are the odds of having both sets of grandparents peranakans and good cooks?


The massive spread with doubles of each dish.

Kueh Pie Tee
Turnip, bamboo shoot, prawn, chilli sauce
These little hats are so uniquely peranakan, it is almost rude not to have them at any peranakan meal. Here's the deal about Nonya Bong's kueh pie tees, they are made in house and so fresh, I have never eaten anything that comes this close actually. He even showed us the tools used and huge respect for these little cups made by hand. Machine made ones for sure have more consistency but for once, imperfection is perfection.


Buah Keluak 

Another quinessential, this nutty dish is still a favourite.


Sambal Prawns
Onions, chilli, belachan blended

We were allocated just one butterfly prawn each and the spices were really fragrant, making this a must have at Nonya Bong's. Succulent prawns given a lovely spice rub, I would not mind it being spicier though!

Herbs, roots, chilli, slivers of spanish mackerel, coconut milk

After having all these homemade otahs, the realisation struck that homemade is still best. Smooth otah paste studded with such generous fish flakes.


Nonya Chap Chai

I'm partial towards chap chai in general, however I did like how abundant the ingredients were - there was enough of everything!


Bakwan Kepiting

Nothing fancy going on with this bamboo meat ball soup, just soup straight from the heart and these large meaty balls.


Babi Pongteh
Stew of soya beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, green chilli, onion and garlic

Tau yew bak gone peranakan and frankly, I like both versions. The chinese version comes with the medley of other ingredients like tofu, egg, beancurd skin and cinnamon sticks that makes it somewhat more wholesome than babi pongteh - but no complaints here!



Sambal Belacan


Our meal was completed with a series of condiments that Chef Jeffrey is also bottling and selling! I got sold on his scallop-shrimp belachan sauce - so good and whets the appetite!

Sago Pearl Pudding with Gula Melaka 
Dessert is always a course I hate to bring on for it signals the end of a meal and this time, I am glad dessert came. We were stuffed beyond measure and I just had to get one portion

$55 nett per pax

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