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Eatz Vadai @ Jalan Benaan Kapal

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Nested in the row of food stalls near The Cage at Kallang is Eatz Vadai. This mini hawker centre comes to live midday when customers visit it to feed that hunger pang or quench that thirst. We actually chanced upon this during the littlest's sports class and have been looking forward to this weekend treat - wrong priorities eh.


At a dollar each, these are fried upon ordering but during peak hours these are already fried and stacked in a pile.


Each palm sized fritter fits two prawns in a herbed batter and sold with a generous portion of green chilli padi.


I love how theirs is dense and chewy, gotta love the bite there and burst of aroma with every bite. Most other vadais are alot thinner and lacking in some oomph.

Best part? The owner is chinese and mastered the recipe on his own. Now say - wow.

Eatz Vadai 
56. Jalan Benaan Kapal

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  1. He did not develop the recipe by himself, he "bought" it. Italics, because he has not made the payments. He is a thief.