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Meruto Cheesecake @ Hong Lim Food Complex

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I love checking out food complexes and sometimes you'd be surprised what the extra walk brings you, like it brought me to Meruto. Specialising in Japanese cheesecakes and swiss rolls, this small shop can be easily mistaken for a hole in wall blink and you miss eatery.


Classic Original Cheesecake ($10)

I took the gamble on their original - what can go wrong with the original right? The chances of it failing me would be alot less lower than the other flavoured options.


If you are a Fiesta cheesecake fan, this would totally be up your alley. Spongey, eggy and moderately sweet. I love how fluffy this is, perfect for those who are not fans of the dense cheesecakes. Also, I love how pocket friendly this is. Japanese recipe by a local chef -

Meruto Cheesecake
Hong Lim Complex #02-57

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