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Hong Xing Handmade Fishball. Meatball Noodle @ Hong Lim Food Centre

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I'd be upfront and fess up that fishballs are not my kind of preferred food. If I had to and the occasions have been so rare, I can count with one hand how many times actually - fried fish balls. Hong Xing for breakfast one day mainly because the meepok doused in chilli paste looked so tempting.

Drool in its greasy satisfying glory. Al dente yet so slurpworthy.

What sorcery though? I could have finished this on its own even without the fishballs. The guy's positively got some noodle chops going on.

And the verdict on these handmade fish balls? Soft and bouncy though you probably cannot play ping pong with them. Authentic handmade fishballs, according to the fishball connoisseur. I found them on the salty side but no complaints here. $3.50 for a delicious yet sinful breakfast. 

Hong Xing Handmade Fishball
531A Upper Cross St, #02-30

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