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Dumpling Darlings @ Amoy Street

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The queues outside Dumpling Darlings definitely fueled this visit and even with an opening hour of 1130am and us arriving at 12noon, we still had a queue to beat. First you take a queue number and loiter for your turn though the staff will give you a tinkle when it is your turn.

Complimentary appetisers served and probably from the long wait, these were really good!

Sichuan Pork Noodles
Spicy minced meat, sichuan tare, bacon sofrito, fried shallot, spring onions

Sichuan pork spelt spicy to me on description but the spice levels were non existent for me. I did enjoy the texture of the noodles especially and the flavours of sichuan pork. While they were not al dente, the noodles were so slurpworthy and delicious enough for me to clean out the bowl.

The great thing about their lunch sets is for $16 I get a bowl of noodles, 4 of one type of dumpling and a drink! Going in a group may mean longer waiting time but I get to try more than one flavour of dumpling at once!

The Original
Minced pork collar, ginger soy sauce, napa cabbage, black vinaigrette

Original was ordinary.

Veggie Mandu
Spinach, tofu, shitake, gochujang, korean pickles, garlic aioli

Surprise of all surprises, the veggie mandu turned out way better than expected.

Fried Pierogi
Smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onion, cheddar, sriracha crema

I expected and they delivered the tastiest dumpling flavour on the menu. Deep fried and finally some hint of spice in the sriracha creama.

Spicy Sichuan
Minced pork collar, ginger soy sauce, napa cabbage, spicy sichuan vinaigrette

Like the original, a letdown with just a wanton and vinaigrette. Part of me wished it was half as satisfying as a 红油抄手.

Momo Curry
Minced pork collar, curry spice, charred cauliflower, labneh

With all its exotic ingredients and flowery description, it was just a fried dumpling with curry powder.

Passionfruit Ginger Soda

Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea

Thirst quenchers were served and they were really good! I usually do not even bother with sodas and teas but the meal ended well with them.

I am raring to be back just for their noodles - pretentious with cute mascots but I am lovin' this concept.

Dumpling Darlings
44 Amoy Street

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