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Vegetarian House @ People's Park Centre

~Invited Session~

The honest truth is I hardly eat vegetarian food, mainly because of the amount of gluten used and I usually have to compromise taste for that. If I had to, salad is always the top of mind to go and until Vegetarian House I had my reservations.

This eatery along a the stretch stands out for being the only vegetarian place at People's Park Centre.  The bigwigs are located in the upper floors so I guess being more affordable helps reach the masses too.


On top of the usual kopitiam beverages, they offer a range of homemade teas and the assortment of flavours is mindboggling!


The spread for the meal - bet you cannot tell at first glance these are all vegetarian!


Seaweed Beancurd Crispy Stick ($4)

This is my all time favourite vegetarian snack and seaweed does make a world of difference. The only grouse is, this tends to be really oily.


Homemade Dumpling with Spicy Sour Sauce ($4)

Stuffed with mushrooms, this spicy and sour dumpling dish would give 红油抄手 a run for its money. 


If anything, the only thing giving this away is the mushroom stuffing otherwise the smooth skin and piquant dressing is on point.


Lo Han Zhai ($2.50)

Their version comes with a hint of vinegar and actually I would not mind seconds. The portions are on the small side.


Fragrance Hainan Chicken Rice ($5)

Now here comes the taste test for their signature dishes. The sesame rice is absolutely fragrant and does taste like chicken rice! Infact everything on the dish looks the part except the texture of the 'chicken meat' which was unfortunately gluten and barely tasted like chicken. Otherwise, this is really best effort to date.


Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom Bento  ($8)

This was probably the most expected out of vegetarian cuisine with mushrooms, mixed vegetables and seaweed.

It turned out to be a better than expected experience at Vegetarian House, I am keen to check off their nasi lemak and braised duck rice!

Vegetarian House
101 Upper Cross Street #01-05M, People’s Park Centre

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