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Tseng's Noodle x Mala Abalone

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What's raging instagram these days is meals created from petrol kiosk purchases and I decided to join in the fun with these two IT products of the season!

Tseng's Scallion Oil and Sichuan Pepper Noodles ($10.90 for 4 packets)

Made famous by Taiwanese celebrity host, Tseng Kuo-Cheng who created a recipe out of his wife's love for noodles. These sun-dried noodles are the reason behind tons of fans lugging back cartons of these noodles on their Taiwanese escapades.

When in doubt, always go spicy!

These are retailed at selected Shell petrol stations and I managed to get just of the three flavours to try.


No doubt really springy thick cut noodles that is more satisfying than our mee pok, there's almost nothing that gives it instant noodles origins away - well I guess sun-dried would make a difference to the taste profile and texture. Sold and I would love to try the other flavours! 


These baby abalones doused in chilli oil and mala spices ($14.95) is bound to please - I never thought I would be hooked and I was. The mouthwatering spiciness converted us all that we even added more canned abalone for another meal!

It sure ain't cheap eating from petrol kiosks, a simple meal of noodles with mala abalones easily cost $10 not considering the water and electricity charges.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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