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Tenshin Revisited @ Regent Hotel

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This visit to Tenshin was a surprise one as much as the Hubba hinted that we are going to a place we have been to and want to revisit.


Our platter for the night and it's a joy watching these items get fried one by one. My only grouse is the meal always ends too quickly.


Chef works swiftly and barely engages in conversation - maybe because we are not regulars.

Yuki Tempura Course ($180)
6 kinds of seafood, 5 kinds of vegetables

The last couple of visits I remember topping up for sea urchin and they were so good to miss! This time, it was included in our set meal - hooray!


We always kick start our meal with spinach and tofu skins, no different this time and still as refreshing as ever.


 Then comes the lacquer box filled with the season's goodies, we had an equivalent of a chut chut, a sea snail nicely curled up in its shell (that broth was heaping with umami), steamed squid and roe that was so tender, boo to all overcooked squids out there!


Then comes the biggest surprise of them all - tofu with horseradish, the texture is out of this world smooth, so much so it actually melts in the mouth like mousse. What sorcery it turned out to be the best of the box.


Prawn heads

The best part of the prawn definitely belongs to these heads, incredibly crispy and rich in flavour. Belittle them not!



I truly believe sweet prawns taste so much different from the usual - these are delicious till the end.


This seasonal vegetable got me on the fence, slightly bitter and in the centre and tastes like onion at the sides.


When seconds appear, savour it even more slowly than the first!


This time we explored having them with the seasoning that were placed on the counter. Curry powder went the best with this and between the Hubba and I we may have emptied the jar. So tasty, it actually made everything dipped in so so so tasty!



I hardly rave about my vegetables but the Japanese really treat them so right. Whatever magic went into this, move over white asparagus.


Brinjal is another of those wonder vegetables presented - and truly I can only say the Japanese know their way around these produce. It's firm, juicy and hardly like any others I have eaten.


Crabmeat is always a welcomed sight, next to uni and the real crabmeat is always a treat. No need to shell and off it goes into my mouth - oiishii!





I'd like to think being a vegetarian in Japan would be a major treat. These maitake mushrooms are extra earthy and juicy.


Leaf with white fish

Not quite a common way to eat white fish and paired with a leaf, strangely I find myself approving of this combination.


Sea Urchin

A must eat every single visit.

DSC_2038 DSC_2040

Sea urchin porn and I'm dying to go for a sea urchin feast!


Anago served salted presents a different taste profile of eel. I walloped this bones and all and how does tempura taste so healthy even when it's deepfried?



It has to be the combination of tomatoes and wafu dressing that makes even salads taste better.


Special tuna on rice was the Hubba's order and he actually thought it was as satisfying as my tempura bowl. These tempura specialists do good raw fish dons too!


Rice bowl with small tempura cake was a no brainer order for me when it came to picking my own mains.


Even with that many tempura items consumed, I was happy to take on another. Crisp prawn pieces in a cake and perfect with fluffy rice.


Everytime miso soup appears, it signals one more course to the end and as much as I with did not have to end, this miso soup is amazing! The equivalent of a cantonese double boiled soup, the flavours were so exquisite not to mention these delicious baby clams.


Fruits for dessert and I'm not complaining when my orange and melon are thoughtfully sliced so all I need to do is pop them into my mouth.


When at Regent, always order their cakes and Hubba made sure of that - one of my favourites from their cake range!


Blueberry cheesecake that seriously reminds me of Hilton's in its heydays.

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