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Say Seng Fish Ball Noodles @ Interim Market

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The Interim Market at Cross Street is such a hot spot over lunch and people who work out of CBD actually travel here just for the good food, I suppose it says volumes? Well specifically for Say Seng and that got my interest piqued. These noodles had better be worth the while since the have differentiated pricing for different timings.

This is what queueing after 11am gets me, $4 worth of fishball noodles and an extra sliver of prawn. The $3 version comes without.

Granted this was tossed in ketchup, a dash of chilli sauce and some soya. I just was not sold when neither of the condiments stood out particularly for me though the noodles were really springy. The fishballs ain't handmade either so just a bowl of mee kia that comes with a history. Word has it that the old couple may not renew their stall lease when the new Golden Shoe Market is up. 

Say Seng
Unit number: #03-14
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am to 2pm

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