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Saffron Cafeteria @ Swan Lake Avenue

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Word of mouth is one of the most persuasive mediums ever, and more so when it comes to food. That was how I found myself right at the door steps of Saffron Cafeteria, a popular Indian Muslim eatery that hails from Tampines. The Swan Lake Avenue outlet is its second outlet and fans flock there for their power briyani.


Choose from chicken, fish and mutton briyani in their list though some would go for just their fragrant briyani rice. When the server scooped the rice and chicken curry before wrapping it, I was definitely not impressed. So that's it?

Until we got home and unveiled the packet then I understood the full fuss of this humble dish that most would consume with hands.

Aromatic rice piled atop the curry chicken that made me salivate at first bite. Everything worked - in the most sinful, calorie laden and insane manner. I never ever drool over my briyanis yet this made me rethink my choice in future.

Arguably the best the island has to offer and only if I asked for more gravy.


Greed had it that I also ordered a side of pratas and their power murtabak, just because.


All along Zam Zam has taken the crown for best murtabak because of the dad's special order of extra gravy, extra chilli, extra crispy instructions. Here was Saffron tippling that with just their regular order. The ratio of shredded chicken to prata is indeed lopsided but mighty mighty delicious.

There, I let slip on my favourite indian stall now. More visits for sure! We are all happy campers.

Saffron Cafeteria
1 Swan Lake Ave

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