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Gake @ Carpenter Street

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~Invited Session~

Gake is the brainchild of Chef Angus Chow, previously from Les Amis and Buruto offering diners a European Japanese fusion experience.

This Chef of the Year at the 18th World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence is one to look out for, lunch is worth checking out if omakase is not up your alley.



Seasonal Otoshi

We began our meal with Crabmeat tartlets and caviar topping.


Hiroshimi Oysters with Sesame Ponzu and Nashi Pear presents a slurpworthy aphrodisiac with spicy and sweet hints.

DSC_2185 DSC_2188 DSC_2190

Antagonian Toothfish with Asean Relish and Chilli

Inspired by an asian steamed fish with bean paste, the flavours were familiar except toothfish is not your everyday fish.


Hokkaido Scallop with Laksa and Beni Shoga

Laksa foam gave this a local twist paired with the juicy scallops. 


This palette cleanser is a refreshing and uncommon one - this tasted very similar to sea grapes except these were encrusted in a jelly.


Rougie Foie Gras with Peanut Gravy and Aokyuri Zuke (+$10)

Satay gone luxe with a peanut gravy and seared foie gras, I can never say no to this on my menu.


Maitake No Kopa Yaki with Curry Salt

Maitake mushrooms have a different taste profile from the rest, semi soft, chewy, earthy and succulent all at once, blander on the taste profile but nothing a sprinkling of seasoning cannot save.


USDA Beef Shortrib with Hayashi Style and Summer Vegetables

Tender shortrib doused in sauce and a potato puree.


Iberico Pork Jowl with Aka Miso and HK Kailan

This fared better for me with a lovely char and perfectly put together seasoning blend.


Chef Angus Signature Truffle Hiyashi Somen with Tobiko and Avruga Caviar
Add uni (+$15)

I've had cold pasta dish one too many and Gake's version was first made famous by Boruta though my very first encounter was at Takada. Creamy, chilled and hearty, the fifteen dollar supplement for a sliver of sea urchin is worth the indulgence.

DSC_2225 DSC_2227

Asari Tamago Jiru with Mitsuba

Does this not remind you of fried bomb? A fried egg bomb no less and delve deep for the large and juicy clams that makes the umami broth brimming with flavours.


Dessert of the day
Baked orange infused cake, wild berries, yuzu ice cream

A citrusy end to the meal complete with yuzu icecream to ease the heavy meal.

The March menu featured above goes to the tune of $128 and is subject to change. Well like omakase is defined, entirely up to the Chef!

I also had the privilege to check out their ala carte specials and here's their customers' top favourites.


Truffle Edamame ($10.80)
Furikake, White Truffle Emulsion

Edamame sprinkled with furikake and tossed in white truffle oil is a healthier version to bar snacks and not to mention as addictive as chips.

DSC_2180 DSC_2183

"Charcoal" Karrage ($10.80)
Charcoal Batter, Fried Spiced Chicken, Tobiko, Curry Mayonnaise

A playful take on har cheong with a charcoal batter but these juicy nibbles are definitely worth ordering. How wrong can mayo and fried chicken go?


Erlingi No "Kopa" Yaki ($12.80)
Kopa oven grilled King Mushroom, Cajun Spice

More mushrooms! These oyster mushrooms are of course different from Maitake, more bite and less pricey for one and easier to like if one is not a mushroom fan. These could pass as meat fries with its texture actually!


Thanks Chef for feeding us so well with food and drink, sake and liquer pairings are available on request.

36 Carpenter Street

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