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Chong Wen Ge @ Telok Ayer Street

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I am likely late and in fact uber late in this discovery of the best laksa in CBD. Nested within a museum next to a temple is Chong Wen Ge, a place that specialises in nonya food. This place fills up so fast during lunch and business is very brisk,


You order at the counter and will be given a buzzer to collect your order when it's ready. Easy peasy.


Nonya Laksa ($11.80)
Rice noodles, glass prawns, pacific clams, beancurd puffs, fish cakes

This was what I came for, rich gravy soaking in rice noodles and an assortment of ingredients. Shiok is slurping up the calorie laden gravy and then tucking into one of the three humongous and sweet glass prawns.


Sliced butterfly style too!


Slurp, slurp, slurp. So devilishly good, I swear this is where my week's worth of calories went.


Nonya Mee Siam ($10.80)
Glass prawns, beancurd, eggs, beansprouts, tamarind gravy

Also a hotseller is their mee siam which looks equally tempting.


Three prawns is pretty much the standard topping for their bowls, there have been days that I have gotten more which comes with smaller prawns.

Strangely this was less of an addiction than the laksa, the gravy is piquant and tasty yet something is just missing.


Kuehs ($1.50 each)

Also a not to be missed at Chong Wen Ge is their nonya kuehs which sell out rather quickly.


The fortunate thing is they are sold in bite sized portions which makes it easy to consume, the unfortunate thing is...the kuehs are not as outstanding as the mains.


With the exception of the lempur udang that can do with more heat!

Worth many revisits just for the laksa else it is great to soak in the atmosphere and be artistic.

Chong Wen Ge
168 Telok Ayer St

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