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BrotherBird's CBD Delivery Special

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BrotherBird's croissants are the bomb after I was introduced to them at work and thrilled is having them do a popup in CBD! These were delivered right to my doorstep and I was in for a crazy yummy treat!


The best kind of carbohydrate stack worth waking up to!


Don't they look so gorgeously uniform?


The camera always feeds first and having this cross section got me drooling in delight and I could not resist stealing bites of those crumbs.


Ferrero Rocher Mochi Croissant ($5)

This ranks tops for me, from the sticky molten chocolate filling and coating. Who can resist chocolate? What more on a buttery and flaky croissant. Infact this was more sinful and worth the calories than the pain au chocolat pastries they had this launch.

Original Mochi Croissant ($3)

They do really decent croissants and the twoddler was clearly very pleased that he was included in this sinful breakfast. We both enjoyed how it crinkles and cracks into buttery goodness.

Passionfruit Pain Au Chocolat ($4)

What passionfruit?


Nutty Salted Caramel Mochi Croissant ($4)

I'm not of the fan of this nutty caramel combination somehow, rather ordinary.


Kuih Salat Mochi Croissant ($5)

Paying homage to one of the popular nonya kueh, this has a sticky rice custard and kaya mousse for stuffing and somehow this rendition is not my favourite-st. Good effort nonetheless.


Matcha Pain au Chocolat ($4)

This marries both green tea and chocolate in one, I say just stick with the chocolate for the full enjoyment.

I have my favourites from their seasonals and would love to check out their milk tea bubble tea flavour!

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