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Blue Lotus Revisited @ Tanjong Pagar

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Even with CNY over and done, Blue Lotus is still serving their CNY menu till 11th March. I like their menu so much I've headed back twice over this festive period just to have some solid chinese food.


Kurobuta Minced Pork, Sang Choy Bao ($14)

Saucy minced pork wrapped in refreshing lettuce leaves - this gives salad a whole new delicious meaning.


Spicy chicken nuggets is my weakness, infact my favourite snack on Mcdonalds' menu is spicy mcnuggets which is hardly a perma feature. Mouthwatering shiokness in every bite and these nuggets are fried so crisp, boo to soggy nuggets. Spells favourite!


Prawn Paste Boxing Chicken ($14)

Har jeong kai given a lease of new life with a side of spicy tangy sauce. Fried chicken is certainly their forte - crispy skinned juicy wings.

Crab Balls ($22)

A must try is their crabmeat balls with a piquant pomelo chilli crab sauce. It is akin to eating their famous chilli crab without the mess.


48 Hours Slow Cooked “Dong Po” Kurobuta Pork Belly ($26)

This reeks of alcohol and definitely not for those who mind the taste of it in your food. The pork belly was a fatty cut and that made alot of people rejoice - perfect with rice.


Claypot Mapo Tofu, Onsen Egg ($20)

I've loved this since day one, their version of mapo tofu with an onsen egg is evil. The spiciness does not whack like crack but the addiction that lingers is real. Smooth tofu cubes in creamy spicy minced meat and mushroom sauce. I could have just this alone and be one real happy lass.


Gong Bao Chicken ($26)

A competent version of Gong Bao with tasty chicken chunks yet this does not rank as the top favourite dish from Blue Lotus.


Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee

I love my sweet and sour pork and lychees separately and Blue Lotus did justice to both ingredients with a delightful version of ku lou yoke. Some may find it too saucy but nobody's complaining when all I need is a bowl of rice to go with this and I'm good.


Claypot Hua Diao Drunken Prawns ($28)

Another heavy handed alcoholic dish and certainly not for the faint hearted. The broth is so rich and nourishing and it comes with enough prawns to go round if you're sharing!

And moving onto the less spicy and more homecooked items!


Quick Fried Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic ($20)


Paper Wrapped Salt Baked Herbal Chicken ($32)

Tender cooked paper wrapped chicken with an assortment of herbs.


Steamed Kulbarra Barramundi Fillet in Thai Teochew Style ($38)

Great for toddlers I'd say and this would make any Teochew really proud with their rendition.

All in, I am a crazy big fan of Blue Lotus and would head back for their popiah buffet and spicy dishes!

Blue Lotus 
5 Wallich St, #01-13

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