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15 by Stamford @ The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

I guess I like Alvin Leung's cooking style enough to want to check out his local venture at The Capitol Kempinski. Perhaps it was him, or the menu even so off for dinner I went. The swanky hotel somehow failed to impress me at hello - there was a gap in the perceived and presented luxury.

DSC_2073 15 by Stamford is not difficult to find since they are the only food and beverage establishment on the ground floor and even without a signboard, we found ourselves at our reserved table in no time.
DSC_2071 DSC_2067
The restaurant is huge and for the capacity that it has, I wonder how often is it operating at full capacity. The bar itself however is more enticing with cosy corners and that sprawling bar counter - next time I muse.
The waiter assigned to our table is incredibly helpful, he gave his honest opinions and recommendations.
Chargrilled Singapore Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce ($18)

Truth be told I balked at the price tag because every stick costs $3. They remind me of those presented at The Ampang Kitchen, heavy weights and well charred actually. Peanut sauce could be thicker though no complaints at how pleased as punch I was with my appetiser.

Some crackers or bread would have been ideal because the wait after our first dish was served seemed close to forever.
“Har Mi” Linguine and Tiger Prawns ($36)


The description sure got me all excited and the excitement dissipated with the bland tiger prawns. Har Mi linguine however was stunning - tossed in chilli oil and cooked al dente before topped with sakura ebi, I have tried this combination elsewhere but this always works so magically.


Chargrilled “Bak Kut Teh” Pork Chop, Compressed Watermelon and Angelica BBQ Sauce ($38)

Sold on "Bakt Kut Teh" but this came hardly peppery or herbal, probably just referring to the pork chop cuts that are used. Amazingly the one that stole the thunder was compressed watermelon instead with its intense juiciness and sweetness.


Salted Egg Mash 


Gloppy, watery and definitely nowhere near a mash that's worth all its calories. Strange how this was mostly bland except for the salted egg grits.


Gula Melaka Crème Brulee, Lime Sorbet and Cherry Meringue  ($16)

Sweet potato seemed to really evident in this particular dessert though it is nowhere found in the description. The contrast between hot and cold, sweet and sour was well managed with the different elements.


‘Yeung Ji Kam Lu’ Mango, Sago, Pomelo and Coconut Snow ($16)


 A super innovative take on mango sago complete with the theatrics of dry ice effect and coconut snow. Once the show was over, this was really just a bittersweet concoction of tropical fruits.


Thank you for the sweet gesture though 15 by Stamford, this proved to be the best dessert of the three!

I was not wowed though my curiosity was definitely satisfied about 15 by Stamford. I would return for the linguine though and maybe that laksa that is so highly raved.

15 by Stamford
The Capitol Kempinski

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