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Shu Yan Sichuan Chinese Restaurant @ River Valley Road

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On this 7th day of the lunar new year, I'd like to wish all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And moving onto more CNY related posts. Feasting is such a norm over these 14 days, it's almost as if we killed all diets in this span.


Yusheng ($38)

Met up with the gang and we just had to toss to prosperity - traditional yusheng with some hints of being healthy with candied walnuts and yam chips.


Not forgetting salmon slices. This turned out as sweet as I remember of traditional yushengs, anyhow once a year and all in the name of good fortune!



North Si Chuan Jelly ($8)

First time actually trying this chilled jelly dish with mala sauce. Surprisingly refreshing and yummy!


Green Shredded Bamboo Shoots ($6)

Another appetizer on the table, these crunchy greens was another surprise!


Fried Chicken with Dry Chilli ($22)

Chinese fried chicken always wins and this I say the chinese do it really well. Crispy  and rubbed with this crazy addictive dry rub - just this and beer are BFFs. Not to mention this portion is really generous too!


"Shu Yan" Boiled Fish Fillet in Spicy Soup ($48)

More spiciness ensues in this spicy chilli soup with fish fillets. This dimension of mouth numbing spiciness is way different from the fried chicken and equally delicious.


Girdle Cooked Baby Cabbage ($22)

Mushrooms and tofu in a hotpot makes a heart and tum warming dish, and yet pretty outstanding for a non spicy dish.


Grandpa's Braised Pork ($22)

On the sweet and sticky side so this did not work as well as I thought.

All in an enjoyable foray into sichuan cuisine, great especially if one is seeking an authentic experience, we did spot a number of native folks dining there too!

Shu Yan Sichuan Chinese Restaurant
#01-51/54, Along Mohamed Sultan Road, 207 River Valley Rd

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