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Saint Pierre @ One Fullerton

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The time of the year is here again and both Hubba and I celebrate another year of having not killed each other - the wedding dust has clearly long settled, we have a family of our own with routines and tantrums to deal with not forgetting life's curve balls that get tossed every now and then. So yes, another wedded year is worth celebrating and we did so quite in style in his true fashion.

Monkfish liver
Celeriac puree filo pastry
Jap squid with red seaweed
Hokkaido Sweet corn

Exquisite display of bites.


Wild mushroom hollandaise
Jerusalem artichoke, fried artichoke
Beetroot tart with walnut shavings

Three petite tarts kickstarted out meal and somehow they reminded me of our meal at Dearborn's. Crisp tart shells with a medley of toppings and the one that actually shone for me was the artichoke tart with two varieties of artichoke.

Royal belgian osietra caviar, leek, bonito

Screams luxe from the ingredients used and presentation even - but it proved its worth with the textures and flavours presented on a dish. Creamy heavenly goodness.

Somewhere in between we were served homebaked bread and a trio of butter - herb, fermented black garlic and churned butter.

The bread is just how I like it - crusty, not so acidic and pillowy soft! We shared two loaves between us and I'd have asked for more refills if not for the already busting seamlines.

Hass avocado, holy basil, amera tomato, lily bulb

Who'd think a vegetarian dish would kick this much ass? The king of avocadoes presented a really rich and indulgent course, perfect with tangy tomatoes, tinge of herbs and crunchy feuilletine. Absolutely delicious.

Hokkaido hairy crab, corn, lemongrass

Deshelled crabmeat presented with zucchini noodles - zero calorie or not the flavours were a party in my mouth. The tussle is always between wanting more crab or compromising on quality and just going for the quantity - yet in this case, less is more. So gooooood.

Live scallop, fresh almond, curry oil, fennel

Seared and cooked medium, these succulent chunks were heavenly. I love that touch of spice in the curry oil and it was sublime having that hint of spice in my seafood dish.

Black truffle, korean chestnut

Organic lamb, nasu, seaweed

Things did take a nosedive for us at this point, the flavours were overpowering and I wasn't tasting any of the magic that was presented in the earlier dishes. Both were done tender and moist but nothing near the spectacular I was looking forward to.

Something cold to cleanse our palettes.

Yum! I liked the whole combination of foam and lime granita.

Before this was transformed!

Dessert was done in the style of edible art. Candy floss, meringues, berries and gelatos. Ignore the typo, this caused us much amusement actually.

Happy anniversary baby, to many more delicious years ahead.

Saint Pierre
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