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Kinki House @ Customs House

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Yonks back I paid Kinki House a first visit at the height of its opening and back the Japanese fusion was in - fast forward years later and I've returned with my girlfriends for some time out from our sticky kids and well to just bond over a good view - even if food was not top priority.


Unagi don was a bowl of charred goodness though the portions are leaning more on a ladies portion. I liked the smokeyness of this and fluffy rice which really is just about any other unagi don there is, if the big question is would I head back to Kinki just for this? I guess not.


Inaniwa Udon ($13) proved to be a cheap and delicious eat off the menu! None to fault at this price point considering how the other carb options were hovering above $30. Simple dashi stock with noodles, cabbage and spring onions.


Kinki Style Okonomiyaki ($28)
Pizza of Hokkaido scallops, prawns, streaky bacon, sweet onions, buffalo mozzarella

So there is a twist to the okonomiyaki I am familiar with.


This was more of a pizza with a medley of ingredients and the toppings that stood out for me were mayo, bacon and bonito flakes.


Pomegranate Miso Black Cod ($34)
Grilled black cod marinated in Kinki pomegranate-honey miso, fried ginger, leek, rock chives

Thick and succulent slab except portions could be larger.


Grilled Giant Sea Prawn ($30)
Giant sea prawn, spicy cod roe, Japanese aioli

Now they surprised us with a full sea prawn instead of half grilled and topped with a spicy mentaiko sauce.


Oyster Ginzayaki ($32)
Baked oysters with Kinki’s crab sauce

Between prawn and oyster, both tasted similar and the crab sauce came across more of cream than crab sauce actually. For the price point, decide between mentaiko or cream sauce.


If you have the bucks to splurge on this $48 bowl of beef and foie gras, this is worth the while except portions are hinging on small.

Yet another average affair at Kinki's and it still ain't top of my favourite dining place for Japanese food.

Kinki House
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