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Ding Dong Revisited @ Amoy Street

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Ding Dong for our CNY gathering and I was quite thrilled we decided to do something out of the usual since I really overdosed on the traditional CNY feasts since way before CNY and a change is always welcomed!

Yusheng ($38)

Their version came with the usual sweet condiments and sauces - I guess for salads it is really quite tough to be veering too far off from the traditional recipes.

Thai Pork Jowl, Jaew Dipping Sauce ($22)

Grilled pork jowl that was not up my alley somehow, tasting more like overmarinated char siew with a dipping sauce that was once again way too empowering. Neh.

Pulled Beef Cheek Bun, Rendang, Pickled Cucumber ($17)

Kong Bak Pau reinterpreted with a twist and instead of the greasy and sinful pork belly, we have pulled beef rendang. I like this just not head over heels.

Quail Pad Thai, Watercress Salad, Firm Beancurd ($18)

The name of this dish was absolutely misleading and while I am not complaining, the carb lovers may be a tad disappointed with the pad thai which was really crispy noodles. The quail was however excellently done, like barbecued chicken only better.

Stuffed You Tiao, Otah Otah, Kaffir Lime Mayonnaise ($16)

First up, charcoal you tiao stuffed with otah paste. The kaffir lime mayo was a condiment. This was perhaps conceptualized from stuffed tau kwa, smart to use dough sticks and otah as a filling. More spice needed, still.

Duck Dumplings, Roasted Duck Consomme, Baby Bok Choy ($16)

We are talking some serious dumpling business with this ducky one. It was not an overkill, infact really tasty.

Crispy Pork Knuckle, Spiced Vinegar, Atchara ($32)

Top marks for crispy skin and tender meat. Nothing to scream about it otherwise.

Chicken Lor Bak, 5 Spice Sauce, Orange Marmalade ($16)

To think I did not even think this was chicken - the ingenuity of the chef here?

Beef Short Rib, Buah Keluak, Wingbean Salad ($38)

The buah keluak was underplayed here with a barely there version. Otherwise it struck me as a beef rendang dish.

Barramundi, Thai Sweet and Sour, Green Papaya ($26)

The best was served last, what a bummer! I liked the flavours for this and how the foam ingeniously tasted like laksa.

I wish we had space for dessert but second time at Ding Dong and I'm still liking it!

Ding Dong
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