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CNY2019: Sugarthieves and her artisanal pineapple tarts

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Second time I've decided to give my pineapple tart calorie intake to Sugarthieves - and this year she has even more outrageous flavours than the last. I love supporting consistently good bakers - at least you're guaranteed of the quality and best of all, no calories wasted!


The two new flavours for 2019 and being the curious and game me, I went ahead with their full tubs for both rather than miniature ones.


No prizes for guessing which is which.


Ondeh Ondeh tart technically isn't from their pineapple tart range but uses the same incredibly amazing pastry. These ondeh ondeh balls melt in the mouth so beautifully, it is akin to eating ondeh ondeh without the mess of glutinous rice skin and grated coconut.


Mala cheese pineapple tarts

Before you even turn your nose up on these babies, these mala cheese ones are amazeballs. While I did wish the mala spices were heavier, these were fragrant and had a mild spiciness about it - best paired with their tart pineapple filling too. So gooooood. I'm thrilled these turned out worth the gamble and combined all my favourites in one!

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