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CNY 2019: TwentysevenbyRachel - magic in her bakes

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TwentysevenbyRachel's bakes is no stranger on my blog and it's become such a common feature at all my favourite times of the year.

Nothing new on her menu but these classics are so good, no CNY is ever complete without her bakes.


Hae Bee Hiam Cookies

These are mighty potent things and packed with just the kind of spice that makes the family nod in agreement - yeah, we are chilli padi eaters and hiam if the hae bee hiam is not pungent enough. Pun intended. So these are mighty power packed to kill, except these are so addictive stopping at one is not an option.

Like the chilli padi, these are small but legit-ly the best hae bee hiam cookies around.


Cashew Cookies

And I waited an entire year for these fragrant babies and converted the littlest too into a mega whooper fan of these peanut cookies. Crumbly to a T when held yet these hold up so beautifully in their gold foil packets, this sorcery I may never understand. Yet, once again the best of its kind and no other cashew cookie comes close. Don't even.

2 packets each almost emptied and I'm barely half way into CNY. Lesson learnt: Always over order.

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