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Bread Babu @ Race Course Road

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Indian restaurants are a dime too many at Little India and thanks to Eatigo, the prices stood out for Bread Babu. This hole in wall tiny joint along the stretch of big names is too easy to miss even.


We start off with a complimentary basket of poppadom, spiced crackers that we all enjoyed. Toddler included!


Mutton Kebab ($10)

Too gamey for my liking yet the mutton fans felt this was really good - spiced, minced meat and comes with a delicious mint dip.


Paneer Tikka ($8)

Cottage cheese rubbed with spice and grilled - amazeballs! I never thought cottage cheese could taste this good.


Vegetarian Samosa ($4.50)

Samosas and curry puffs are my snack weakness except these had a too thick pastry with meh-dinary curry potato filling. Can skip!


Cheese Naan ($4.80), Garlic Butter Naan ($4.50), Paneer Naan ($5)


Now here's a dish you would not want to miss for the world - the freshly made naans are amazing! Fluffy, golden brown and so chewy, all flavours are on point and my favouritest has to be paneer. Somehow cottage cheese works best in this assortment I tried and cheese was just sliced cheese.


Veg Handi ($9)

Green chillies rocks this dish though not in a spicy way, it's a tasty mix of cauliflower, carrots and green chillies.


Bhindi Bharta ($9)

Just because, okra. Enough is said. I like how there is more than one okra dish so one down and two more to try!


Chicken Curry ($9.50)

Aromatic curry that goes so well with naan, and the great thing is less is more when it comes to their gravy. Thick, fragrant and just so tasty!


Mee Goreng Chicken and Egg ($7.50)

We ordered this out of curiosity, especially of a place that does both local and indian food. Mamma mia is when this came full of wok hei and al dente noodles - what sorcery!


Chicken Briyani ($15)

A competent briyani here and this is definitely more worthwhile ordering than the nasi goreng!


Nasi Goreng Chicken and Egg ($8.50)

A far cry from the mee goreng, this was barely fried and lacking in flavour. BOO.

Hits and misses but a really lovely place to go to for hearty Indian and local favourites.

Bread Babu
142 Race Course Road

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