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Violet Oon's National Kitchen @ National Art Gallery

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I've heard so much about the High Tea at Violet Oon's National Kitchen, curiosity did get the better of me and so was the price so armed with girlfriends, we had such an awesome time, we promised to do this again!


3 tiers sets the heart aflutter.


Otak Crostini
Spiced coconut cream fish quenelle served on a buttered crostini

I love my otah sandwiches and this was a brilliant way of including otah in the medley.


Kueh Pie Tee
Julienne of bamboo shoot and turnip poached in a prawn bisque served in a deep fried "top hat" cup topped with prawn

Not the best I have eaten but well it's peranakan, kueh pie tees and popiahs are just...synonymous with the cuisine.


Pulled Beef Sambal Pao
Slowcooked pulled beef in a spicy and sweet sambal served in a steamed bun

Clever use of pulled beef here though the usual would be pulled pork but I guess sambal beef goes better to the tune of beef rendang, except this rendition was on the sweet side.


Nasi Kuning Serunding
Glutinous rice infused with tumeric topped with spicy fried coconut flakes

Chalk Farm's is a game changer and this came as a mediocre sweet version.


Hae Bee Hiam Sandwich
Spicy dried shrimp floss finger sandwich

Hae bee and otak anything makes the heart sing, yet as always I wish that the spice levels were more wicked.

Buah Keluak Crostini
Minced prawns and coconut milk on a buttered crostini

It was more of a buah keluak paste on a crostini, I liked the nuttyness of this but a love hate for some.


Time for sweets!

Kueh Beng Kah
Tapioca cake infused with coconut cream and served with coconut milk and gula melaka

The coconut milk and gula melaka had already soaked into the cake by the time I made it this far. Average and dense.

Roti Jala with Gula Melaka and Banana Sauce
Nonya pancake with banana coconut sauce

Roti jala is not a common treat locally and what more in such bite sized portions. This was my favourite of all the sweets presented.


Kesturi Pie
Citrus Curd on a shortcrust basee topped with papaya and limau kseturi compote served with clotted cream

It tasted just like pineapple tart in a cake form. Tasty morsel and I thought the portioning was done right for this.


Kueh Lapis Legit

Just kueh lapis, lor. You do get the drift that I am relieved we have made it so far and I still had not found the favourite.

Kueh Lapis Sago

The colours made this very tempting and looked just festive enough for Christmas. This should be consumed early before the stomach space gets filled up by the other items.

Kueh Dah Dah

Once again, so raved and so disappointing.


Dry Laksa ($16++ for two)

This is a must order according to all their high tea fans, yet I say, give it a miss. Noodles are a tad soggy, flavour is weak and well, the high tea set itself is good enough for filling up tummy space. Portions are puny but between four of us, we could not even finish it. Telling ain't it?


So yeah, we paid for a good ambience and an afternoon free of children and great company. The food was truly second fiddle. Oh, they do not allow beverage replacements beyond their tea and coffee.

$58++ for two.

Violet Oon's National Kitchen 
1 St. Andrew's Road
#02–01, National Gallery Singapore
(City Hall Wing)

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