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Summer Pavilion Revisited @ Ritz Carlton

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Annual tradition has it that Hubba and I would celebrate our last brunch together at the favourite restaurant of the year and last year we chose to have a meal at Summer Pavilion. So far it has been consistently good and coupled with good service, I really have no complaints.


Candied cashews are always welcome.

I appreciate how Summer Pavilion allows customisation of pieces according to the party size - I would very much prefer to try more varieties than have to overdose just because we only have two for a steamer of 3-4 pieces.


Steamed Prawn, Bamboo Shoot Dumpling ($4)

Loved the thin skin and juicy prawns.


Steamed Pork, Prawn, Mushroom Dumpling ($4)

No matter where I go for dimsum, these are staples and locally, Summer Pavilion's versions are really competent. Mark of a brilliant dimsum chef is how well a delicate dim sum holds up!


Steamed Barbecued Pork, Onion, Preserved Vegetable Bun ($4)

While this is another dimsum staple, not every place nails this well. The fluffy buns for one is what I'm not a fan of though I did enjoy the preserved vegetable and char siew filling combination.


Pan-fried Bun, Duck Meat, Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Black Pepper ($3.40)

Crispy buns that resembled 生煎包 with duck meat filling, bamboo shoots and a smattering of black pepper.


I liked the crisp of this, though on a whole these were alright, nothing to scream about.


Deep-Fried Beancurd Skin Roll, Prawn, Ham, Bamboo Shoot ($4)


Deep-Fried Lobster Roll, Prawn Paste, Breaded Vermicelli ($3 per piece)

A signature of Summer Pavilion's, this lobster roll is actually really light as compared to the other deep fried dimsum dishes.


We could not resist trying out their roast meats and was sorely disappointed with their roast duck, char siew and jelly fish combination - we swoped out roast chicken and was served jelly fish as a replacement. None stood out for us though, ordinary at best.


Last but not least a really fancy vegetable and mushroom stir fry.

Dimsum and selected ala carte items are their signature and I guess I'd stick with their set menus and dimsum in future.

Summer Pavilion 
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