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Goobycakes Bake Sale @ Everton Park

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I love bake sales because that gives a sneak into what a bakery can do, rather than go head on with a full order and be in for a huge surprise. For Goobycakes you can say I have been a stalker on their IG for the longest time and finally decided to take the plunge with my first bag of paos and cookies.


Cheese paos as they are affectionately known as, come with a chewy mochi interior and a crusty exterior. These are sold piping hot and are baked just minutes before the scheduled timing.


The paos are indeed as addictive as described. $5 for 6 and these chewy babies pack so much flavour. I could nom on them consecutively.


Also, I had to give these chewy chocolate cookies a try.


$6 for 3 large pieces of chewy goodness. So good, please share them else the calorie overload will just be on you! Best eaten with chilled milk - gosh, no wonder Santa Claus loves this combination best.


One order led to another and I had to give their pesto paos a go too!


These are alot richer than the cheese and great for pesto fans. It felt like eating pesto from a jar - so good!


Christmas cupkeks?


I mean why not since it was close to Christmas anyway. $25 for 6 and there were a number of her signatures featured except Plain Vanilla could have over pampered us with their moist cupcakes, these were not as outstanding as the paos or cookies.

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