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CNY 2019: Wan Hao @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

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~Invited Session~


Lo-hei sessions at Wanhao are very extravagant affairs at Wanhao, at least for this session we had a showcase of the season's best - which really spells all diets out of the window and no bars on healthy cholesterol or blood levels.


Lobster, Sea Urchin, Hokkaido Scallop, Tuna, Salmon, Caviar, Crispy Fish Skin Yusheng

 So there, my first pig shaped yusheng courtesy of Wan Hao and this is entirely customisable for big group gatherings otherwise they will be presented as per the usual salad towers.


Kudos to them for nabbing my favourite edible bouquet of the year - I mean who can say no to sea urchin, caviar, lobster and tuna!


Before chaos begins.


And I'd say a beautiful and tasty mess.


 Tossing our way to more prosperity is a proven messy affair but won't you want the luck too?


Wan Hao Imperial Pot of Prosperity Pen Cai


 Trust Wan Hao fans when it comes to their loyalty for their famous festive dish - word has it that there are regulars who head back annually just for this and some even do a take away of this indulgent dish. My family would need to eat through days of this to even see the bottom of the pot!

I love the textures presented here, fried tempura ingredients amidst the moat of braised.


Double Boiled Fish Maw with Boletus Mushroom in Almond Superior Stock

Love almond milk and be a fan else this may not work. Fish maw made this extra loaded in collagen - gotta love that layer of collagen that coats the palette at the very end!


Deep-Fried Lobster with Passion Fruit Mayonnaise and Cereal

Think sweet and sour dish in the most luxurious form, passion fruit mayo was more of a glace and those corn flakes went upscale as a topping. Nobody says no to deshelled lobster meat, aye?


Braised U.S. Short Rib (Boneless) with Mandarin Orange Peel

So tender, no chewing is required, almost. Except the sweetness continues from passionfruit in the last dish to mandarin peel here.


Double-Boiled Almond Cream with Bird's Nest in Mini Pumpkin

We meet again almond milk, this is way more welcoming than the soup though. Served in a mini pumpkin or not, I have no big issues because it's so nourishing and hands down, my favourite CNY dessert.


In true Wan Hao style, we received these signatures as well - cues, squeals.


Nian gao tarts in two different flavours, each box of 8 is retailing for $32.


Green tea's 2019's flavour and yam has been my perennial favourite. I adore the ratio of filling and nian gao here, not to mention the melt in the mouth pastry. Have your nian gao and eat it!

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