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CNY 2019: Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental

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~Invited Session~

Cherry Garden's CNY menu promises to more than wow and you bet how wowed I was. Presenting their luxurious highlights!


Harmony Yu Sheng
Alaskan crabmeat, salmon and black truffle

DSC_0429 Cherry Garden went huge with their ingredients for their yusheng edition this Year of the Pig. Alaskan crabmeat, salmon and black truffle all tossed in for prosperity and with every toss I was checking to see if the truffles got tossed out! What an expensive affair indeed - flavours were rich and complimented the oriental salad to a T. I reached out for so many servings, I was probably full on salad alone.
Braised Pig's Trotter
Braised 6 head abalone and black moss

It's all about the abalones for me in this particular dish and of course the pig's trotter that makes the Year of the Pig extra special. Having this course could render a soup course completely unnecessary because it's so tasty and once again, I could have a meal out of this course alone.
Luxurious Pen Cai
4 head abalone, lobster, scallop, prawn, sea cucumber, dried oyster roll, conpoy, dace fillet, black moss, tientsin cabbage, yam, roasted pork belly, roasted duck, chicken and wolfberries
Who were we really kidding when we all joked about the meal being way too filling, until the pencai arrived in a basin large enough to rival those of feet basins in the olden times. DSC_0441 It comes very festively draped in ribbons and filled with enough ingredients, two waiters were needed to serve it. I cannot image how many waiters are needed if the portion is meant to feed 20.

I obviously had too many servings.

The other dishes that I had no time and space for but is available on their CNY menu includes Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Cordycep Flowers,  Chilled Aloe Vera Jelly
Lemongrass and dried rose petals and Chinese New Year Delight of fried nian gao! 

Set menus start from $148 per guest with a minimum of 2 diners. Pencai is only available for the Harmoney menu at $160 per guest with a minimum of 6 diners.

Cherry Garden 
Mandarin Oriental

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