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Bollywood Veggies Revisited @ Neo Tiew Lane

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Thanks to the twoddler, heading up north is not so frightful anymore - we headed to zoo, hay diaries and could even squeeze in a spot of time for Bollywood Veggies again! DSC_8822

This time I was there to check out their Warrior's Thali ($22 for 2), a platter comprising of Farm Tempura, Bolly Wings, Dahl, Warrior's Chicken Curry, Warrior's Fish and Mixed Vegetables.


Said bolly wings which was actually fried chicken winglets and curry leaf tempura.


Warrior's Chicken Curry which was crowd friendly in my opinion, more of a stew than curry since it lacked the spicy oomph I was looking for.


Favourite of the platter goes to these fish fritters and sweet and sour sauce, so good, I would have ordered this as a mains!


Dhal curry, a tad watered down but I am not going to fuss about it.

I thought the Nasi Lemak Platter had more value than this actually, but I am glad I checked both off my to try list.


Hainanese Chicken Chop ($12.90)

It is a pity the other famous specials like laksa and the likes were removed and replaced with rice dishes. That said, this turned out really well and methinks it has to do with the same sweet and sour sauce they used. Yums! Not to mention potato chips that came as a side.

I do enjoy my visits to Bollywood Veggies and look forward to completely their Warrior's Trail someday, for now, I am happy with these lunches.

Bollywood Veggies
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  1. Mniam, i love food from India. Now i want call for a chicken masala.