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Tomi Sushi @ Katong V

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Tomi Sushi for lunch one day just because all of us wanted Japanese and check out an un-ventured place around the hood - Tomi Sushi it was! I've long heard about it since its Novena days.

These tuna belly sushi were on 50% off but like the discount, the quality was also compromised with less than stellar knifework and average tuna belly. Truly you get what you pay for, huh.


Kaki Fried ($15)

These fried oysters were yummy! The batter was just right actually and the oysters were perfectly cooked.



Simple yet good, these breaded filets were excellent. I liked the ratio of batter to meat here.


Chirashi Set ($25)

Once again not the freshest catch but for the price, no big complaints.


Hiyashi Kakiage Udon ($15)

Udon with tempura turned out to be really good - and it does seem that the cheaper courses are tastier actually. Chewy cold udon noodles with an onion shrimp tempura. So simple but really substantial and filling!


Who'd think that onions and baby shrimp would be this delicious together?


These probably are not made in house but man, are they delicious. Chilled and chewy, delicious!

It is surprising how the cheaper items are more outstanding at Tomi Sushi - maybe it could have been our choices but I would return for the oysters and udon.

Tomi Sushi
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