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Ole Ole Kueh @ Parkway Parade

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Food kiosks always excite me and more so when they pedal peranakan kuehs. So this was the story behind Ole Ole Kueh - perfectly distracting when waiting for transport at Parkway Parade methinks.


Having been won over by Milk Moon's Pulut Serunding, any chance at these deconstructed lempur udangs, I leap at it. This version was draped in coconut, chicken floss and shrimp and the glutinous rice balls were just oddly half as satisfying.


Probably the savoury part was not nailed well.


Kueh Cara is a dense pandan nonya treat, uncommon actually though it was probably made from the same mould as the kueh bahilu.


Kueh kosui at Ole Ole's is as per their other kuehs, really dense. I prefer them lighter actually.


Moving onto the savoury snacks, epok epok is a must every time I spy it - just like curry puffs. These would have tasted better piping hot with their thin pastry skins and barely there stuffing.


Do you spot more pastry than filling?


Lemper Udang is definitely a better bet for a filling snack.


Decently fragrant banana wrapped glutionous rice with hae bee fillings.

For sure my curiosity was satisfied and it is unfortunate these picks were not outstanding for me.

Ole Ole Kueh
Parkway Parade Kiosk

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