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L32 Geylang Handmade Noodles @ Geylang

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DSC_8300 Since the first visit was fruitless and being the persistent soul I am, we made another visit over a Public Holiday shortly after they opened. Queues had formed and people were already waiting around for their takeaway orders.

With just one item on the menu but many variations, it is easy to be lost in what exactly to try. Each permutation has two variations, soup or dry. For sour vegetables and mala flavouring, top ups apply. So wait...are we still queueing for banmian or la mian?


Razor Clams Dry Ban Mian ($6.50)

I got tempted by this version over instagram and had to order it in its recommended, mee hoon kuay. Unevenly thick pieces of dough that were unusually smooth and slurpworthy but, after all that tossing in dark sauce, I ended up with a really sweet noodle dish even with lashes of chilli sauce. Bummer.

Fish and Chicken Soup Ban Mian ($5.50)

The soup lacked complexity and was just a clear meat soup with noodles and a ton of other ingredients. At this junction, Poon Nam's trumped this by heaps and not to mention the wait and anticipation.


The noodles are really smooth regardless of mee hoon kuay, ban mian or you mian ordered.

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