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Yan Toh Heen @ Intercontinental Hongkong, Hong Kong

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Yan Toh Heen was our choice for dimsum since we chose to stay in the same hotel as well - I've definitely not forgotten about Lung King Heen yet with a toddler in tow, our choices were truly limiting.

Thankfully, babies, toddlers and kids without an age limit are welcome.
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Chef's Dimsum Selection
Crispy Lobster and Sakura Shrimp Dumpling served in Supreme Broth

We were definitely off to a stellar start with a broth and a fried dumpling. Incredibly crispy and that burst of fragrance made this fritter so delicious. When dunked in soup - this is that tipping point that made me go 'wow'. Eaten in two different ways brought about different experiences and this was a gastronomical journey on a plate.

Steamed Crabmeat, Seafood and Egg White Dumpling

Having started out on a high, this had to be a dimsum low with a pretty much bland dumpling here stuffed with crabmeat and prawns with egg white.

Steamed Black Truffles, Mushroom, and Avocado Dumpling

Truffle anything in dimsum gets my mark of approval and many a time it is more than just truffle oil. I get truffles, mushrooms in a really exquisitely put together avocado dumpling. Top marks here for making everything work.

Soup of the Day

Double boiled soups are the life in Hong Kong - throw in fish soup and you have a clear winner here. The complexity of all that simmering makes a good nourishing pot and clearly, I was bowled over. Pun intended.

Steamed Sea Bass with Red Dates in Lotus Leaf

What sorcery is sea bass tasting just like cod. Nothing fanciful just steamed fish with soy sauce and wolf berries.

Crispy Beef Cheek with Figs

I love the textures presented, especially that beef cheek tempura but the rest of the ingredients and that sweet and sour sauce somehow did not work for me.

Rice with Minced Pork in Homemade XO Chilli Sauce

I enjoyed this very much, except this was just not as stellar as Lung King Heen's lobster fried rice. Surely there was no apple for apple comparison in this but for fried rice paradise, they pretty much nailed the part on satisfaction.


Sweetened Red Bean with Mandarin and Chilled Lycium and Osmanthus Pudding

Osmanthus jelly and red bean soup if I may just sum dessert up. Nothing out of the ordinary which left me slightly disappointed.

We also ordered a side of char siew paus and those were so fluffy, I could fly from the fluff. Never had a bad pau in Hongkong and my luck does not look like it is about to run out.

Yan Toh Heen offered a pleasant two star experience and there were hits for us, maybe a return would be necessary. Yet that said, Lung King Heen still ranks tops for us.

HKD 488 per person

Yan Toh Heen
Intercontinental Hongkong

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