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SIN - HK - SIN: Singapore Airlines

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Our preferred way to fly with a twoddler is on the Singapore Airlines and I really have no qualms flying Cathay either. Anyhow, breakfast on SQ was over stir fried egg noodles and pork. It was a-okay after the fabulous chwee kuay I had in the lounge.


What happened to Haagen Dazs? We've downgraded to King's and this was meh.

Clearly food was not top of the agenda since there were other priorities. I managed to get 30 minutes of peace with my inflight entertainment, a sleeping toddler and it was heaven on earth during that 3.5 hour flight.


On the flight back, we fed ourselves first once again at the Gold Kris flyer lounge because HK Airport makes no differentiation. So we scored a more than decent spread.


The served on demand signature laksa that truly put the national dish to shame. Soggy laksa noodles not withstanding, the gravy was lacking in punch.


Guess what was served on Mid Autumn! Glutinous rice dumplings in wine and goji berries. So good, I had at least two bowls. They also served freshly made soya beancurd in a tub, so traditional!


Thank goodness for kid's inflight entertainment like these.


The incredibles sketch pad and colouring pencils were the absolute lifesaver.


We had kachang putih for starters and peas became a discussion - are they nuts or not? Turns out they aren't anyway.


Fish with bean sauce and rice or...


Chicken penne.


When flying out of an Asian country, always pick the asian selection. Fair enough my hypothesis was proven right and this was way better than the pasta.


Questionable appetizers of chicken and bean curd skin.


This tuna coleslaw was actually better.


Alas, we ended off decently.

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