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Punjab Grill Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands

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Punjab Grill's always top of the mind recall for good Punjab food and we had the opportunity to dine there yet again after a really good show by the Moscow Circus team - I highly recommend this, super engaging and worth a watch!

Complimentary appetizers of arrancini balls with these colourful cream blobs - impeccably flavoured and we were definitely off to a fabulous start!

Raunageen Seekhan ($42)
Lamb mince with coriander, mint and spring onions in a spicy cheesy sauce

Sarson Da Saag ($38)
Mustard leaf, radish leaves, spinach, Bathua, Ginger, Rice, Gram Flour, Mustard Oil, Home Churned White Butter

It's puke green in colour but my oh my oh my, possibly the most delicious puke looking dish I have ever eaten. Await the peppery and spicy finish, mouthwatering indeed!

Murgh Makhani ($45)
Tandoor grilled chicken, tomato gravy, dried fenugreek

I have had so many butter chicken dishes, this takes the curry for delicious. Having the chicken grilled before being cooked in the curry definitely makes the world of difference and the aromatic char is unmistakable.

The servers are incredibly on the ball with service and insist on serving us every single portion - talk about spot on service.

Garlic Naan ($10)

3 very precious slices of doughy goodness. I love how non greasy this is though a copious amount of butter went into it anyway but with curry - heaven on earth kinda of combination.

It is always so easy to over order when dining at Punjab's Grill because everything tastes just so good!

Punjab Grill
Marina Bay Sands

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