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Kota88 @ East Coast Road

~Invited Session~
Kota88 brings to table Cinese Indonesian food and they have opened at East Coast Road, offering hearty dishes using Indonesian spices and herbs to create the perfect comfort food for Indonesian fans

Date, date on the wall, which is the most auspicious of them all?


In any meal almost regardless of cuisine (Japanese excluded), chilli is a must.


Nasi Campur Babi ($12.88)
Pork mixed rice

I was greeted with a full bowl of goodies made perfect with the fragrant chicken rice that they use - sinfully good! The medley of side dishes makes this a must order if you want a bit of Kota88's signatures in a dish - particularly the siomay, braised pig's ear and ngo hiang. So delicious.


Sate Babi ($15.88 for 10 sticks)
Sate babi manis, sate babi asin, sate ati, sate usus, sate kulit

This is a pork lover's platter of marinated skewers, from pork, liver intestine and finally skin. I thought the skin tasted like thick kuay teow, and even more so with the sweet sauce.


Kepiting Saus Padang ($55.88)
Crab with padang

This sweet, sour and savoury crab dish features Kota88's famous padang sauce and while it does sound like tom yum sauce without the spice, this actually tastes closer to sweet and sour sauce!


Babat Jarit Cah Tauge ($17.88)
Stir fry beef tripe with bean sprouts

I'm typically not a beef tripe fan but this combination with bean sprouts was such a yummy one - and the beef tripe tasted like tau pok!

Sup Baikut ($15.88)
Pork ribs and salted vegetable soup


Nasi Goreng Special ($13.88)
Fried egg, beef, chicken, pork, lap cheong, fish cake, chye sim, bean sprout and cabbage

This is the indo nasi goreng paradise with a heap of ingredients such that every bite has something and the wok hei is not to be missed.

Babi Panggang ($38.88)
Suckling pig


We were given a visual treat with the full suckling pig on display.


Anyone up for syrup with coconut slices?


This is the Indonesian's taken on Avocado milkshake with chocolate sauce - a tad watered down but I guess anything with chocolate always tastes good.


For just $31.88++, one gets treated to a liquid buffet over two hours!



Otherwise, happy hour specials apply with drinks going for a tune of $5.88++ everyday from 6pm - 730pm.


The rest of the spread which I wish I had more space for - which actually does warrant another visit!

Kota88 Restaurant
#01-02, 907 E Coast Rd

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