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Frementle Seafood Market Revisited @ Clarke Quay

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I've been to Frementle previously for lunch and dinner appealed this time round for the river side view particularly. Trust the family to make all the odd choices this meal but that is the beauty of discovering food gems - if even the least popular dishes ordered can wow, that does say something.


Trio Fish Poke Salad

Salmon, tuna, hamachi sashimi, roasted goma dressing

I least expected poke to be on their menu and here's us being ridiculous ordering raw fish at a seafood place (not quite a usual sight actually). Surprise, turned out way better than expected and the raw fish was really fresh!


Sashimi Platter
Salmon, Hamachi, Tuna

We had more guts and ordered a sashimi platter. This definitely set the stage for more of these platters at seafood restaurants in general.


Tom Yum Prawn

Tiger prawns, onion, tom yum aioli, mozzarella cheese, mesclun salad

I'm really not sure why we decided to order all the menu underdogs, and the most audacious version has to be a pasta version. This was mildly thai and slightly disappointing. Great for those with a spice intolerance. 


Grilled King Prawn Linguine
Aglio olio style with garlic, chilli and smoked pepper served with king prawns

This prawn linguine was actually spicier than the pizza itself - such an irony. Fresh prawns and al dente noodles, no complaints really!


White Bait Fried Rice

I was literally blown away by this dish - simple and almost the least enticing but did it surprise. Of all places too and well I have made a mental note to order this again the next visit.


Frementle Seafood Market Beer Battered Fish and Chips
snapper or salmon fish fillet, cajun french fries, asian slaw, tartar sauce

And finally the most likely dish anyone were to order at a seafood place - beer battered fish and chips! The only thing that was a letdown was perhaps the condiments - coleslaw and maybe a less clumpy tartare sauce?

That said, we had a splendid meal at Frementle Seafood Market. Great view, good food and pretty good service - lots to love!

Frementle Seafood Market
Clarke Quay

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