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Chunky Crabs @ China Square

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Move over lobster rolls, crab rolls are the new rolls - or at least I have not seen crab rolls much apart from crab cakes. I'm not sure what drew me, was it the $16 price tag since for the same price I could get lobster rolls or was it the sheer curiosity.

Chunky's Butter ($16.90)

I topped up for a drink to go with my buttered lobster roll and spice rubbed buttered crab chunks. Not forgetting those salty yet really addictive tapioca chips.

Granted these were not too briney like frozen seafood and the chunks held together pretty well. My grouse was from the buttery roll that ended up soggy towards the end. 

Portions are ladylike and be expected to head for seconds elsewhere or just top up for their bisque or fries. 

Chunky Crabs
51 Telok Ayer St, #01-06A China Square

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