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The Best of Sri Lankan Crabs with Creative Interpretations @ Wan Hao Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

~Invited Session~

It is the time of the year where the seasonal game in hotels is strong. Previous years, Wan Hao has launched hairy crab menus but this year they have decided to put a Sri Lankan crabs only menu and I was definitely in for a delicious treat.


Steamed Four season Crab Meat Dumpling, Pan-fried Crab Meat and Pork Bun, Deep-fried Netted Rice Roll with Crab Meat and Prawn


 Starting with dimsum is always a good idea and each were exquisite morsels. My favourite goes to the steamed crab meat dumpling, it is shrimp dumpling gone luxe and paired with their signature prawn roe X.O. sauce, it was just hosek, after ho sek.


Conch and Codonopsis Pilosula (Root) Chicken Soup with Double Boiled Fish Maw

Cantonese soups and I are BFFs, without a doubt. First boiled with chickens and then double boiled with all the other superior ingredients, I love the robust broth and depth of flavours.

Deep-fried Sri Lankan Crab with Spiced Chicken Floss

I had high hopes for this mainly because of the spiced chicken floss and the deep frying - the crabs came coated in a batter comprising of floss and salted egg. It smelt just like prawn paste chicken and I spent a great deal of time munching off the batter before tucking into those meaty claws. So delicious yet sinful at the same time.


Sautéed Asparagus and Bamboo Pith Stuffed with Crab Meat in Crab Roe Sauce

After such a tasty course, this was a very mellow to an almost bland dish. I did enjoy the crabmeat stuffing however.

Braised Crab Claw with White Pepper Heng-hua Vermicelli

Alas, white beehoon gone upscale and I was actually sold on heng-hua vermicelli. This particular brand has vermicelli so fine like mee sua except it retains its bite for a lot longer. I am partial towards white pepper crabs but this crab beehoon is the bomb. I kid you not and I do not even eat peppery bak kut the but this got me all in love. That mild tongue numbing sensation yet lingering fragrance is unforgettable.

Rock Sugar Ginger Tea Gingko Nut and Double Boiled Hashima

To end off all things heaty and sinful, Chef decided on a really refreshing Ginger Tea with Hashima.

The menu lasts from now till 30 November, portions featured above are slightly larger than their individual ones.

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